Mahindra electric SUV: e-KUV100

Mahindra electric SUV:  e-KUV100

Mahindra officially showcased the KUV100 electric SUV at the 2018 Auto Expo. The micro SUV will be called the e-KUV100, and will be launched in the Indian market during 2019. The vehicle shown at the Auto Expo featured the same mechanicals as the eVerito, which means that it has a 40 Bhp electric motor, good for a 140 kilometer effective range. It also features a fast charging facility, that recharges 80 % of the battery in just 90 minutes.
The production version of the e-KUV100 is expected to use a much more powerful electric motor, a stronger battery pack for both longer range and peppy performance. In fact, the CEO of Mahindra Electric, Mahesh Babu, revealed that the e-KUV100 would have a range of about 350 kilometers, a top speed of 186 Kph and a 0-100 Kph timing of just 9 seconds.
This will make the micro SUV extremely attractive to those who want a peppy city runabout. The acceleration timing and top speed numbers actually make the e-KUV100 as fast as many of the hot hatchbacks sold in India, if not faster. Expect a price tag close to the Rs. 10 lakh mark for the new e-KUV100 given the performance specs and range on offer.
The EV will get a range of other technological innovations found on Mahindra’s electric cars – remote diagnostics, cabin pre-cooling, location tracking and smartphone connectivity. In terms of design changes, the e-KUV100 shown at the Auto Expo featured a closed front grille but with the same design as the ones on the petrol and diesel models. There are blue accents on the grille and fog lamp housings and projector headlamps.
At the rear, the tailgate gets a grey garnish. Apart from these changes, the e-KUV100 looks quite similar to its internal combustion engined siblings. The e-KUV100 is likely to be sold as a top-of-the-line brand builder in the micro SUV’s line up. Mahindra is not likely to aim for large volumes with this vehicle, at least initially, given the fact that India is yet to warm up to electric vehicles.
The Mahindra e-KUV100, India’s first electric SUV, has been showcased alongside an array of EVs at the Auto Expo in Noida. Mahindra says that the mini SUV ‘heralds new generation of EVs’ from its stable.
Without divulging much, the UV specialist has revealed that e-KUV100 will have a range of 140 km on a full range. This suggests that it would have a battery pack with higher capacity than the one used on e2o (more than 15 KWh).
Considering that the crossover is heavier than the city car, expect a more powerful 3-Phase AC induction motor as well. The battery pack is claimed to offer 80% of driving range in one hour of fast charging.
The automaker has also confirmed that the electric SUV will feature modern connectivity features including smartphone connectivity, remote diagnosis, cabin pre-cooling, and location tracking in addition to monitoring of driving pattern and battery usage.
The e-KUV100 is expected to be launched in India in a year’s time and could also be exported to developing markets as an affordable urban crossover. Given that the Indian government is pushing for faster adaption for electric vehicles, the car would benefit from lucrative subsidies which should translate into an attractive price range.
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